Disadvantages of C Language. There is no runtime checking in C language. Disadvantages of C Programming Language: C does not have the concept of OOPs, that’s why C++ is developed. As the program extends it is very difficult to fix the bugs. Submitted by Sneha Dujaniya, on August 13, 2018 . C# is a great language for enterprise applications, but it does have some disadvantages. In this article, we will learn all about recursion, its usage, advantages and disadvantages in C programming language. The C# programming language is a very easy language to learn. C doesn’t have the concept of namespace. C# language is pronounced as C sharp language. What is a C# programming language? It is a modern, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language that is developed by Microsoft within its .Net and initiative led by Andres Hejlsberg. Programming. C++ has many design flaws: * Unnecessarily complicated syntax. Advantages of C language. C does not have concept of OOPs, that’s why C++ is developed. Speed of the resulting application. 4. for the floating data type. Compile Language A compiled language is a programming language whose implementations are typically compilers (translators that generate machine code from source code), and not interpreters (step-by-step executors of source code, where no pre-runtime translation takes place) (Compiled language, 2017). Prerequisite: Recursion in C language Recursive function . Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Compile Language 1270 Words | 6 Pages. 3. 6. It is an advantage, but compiling code also has some disadvantages. Learning C is somehow more productive than learning assembler cause there is more developing stuff around C than Assembler. A function which calls itself is a recursive function.There is basically a statement somewhere inside the function which calls itself. Disadvantages: Assembler is a lower level programming language than C,so this makes it a good for programming directly to hardware. C source code can be optimized much more than higher level languages because the language set is relatively small and very efficient. Limitation of C Programming Language - In addition to the characteristics of the C programming language, there are some limitations that are described in this chapter. The disadvantage of C language mainly lies in the encapsulation of data, which makes C have great disadvantage in data security, which is also different from C and C++. It is entirely based on the C and C++ languages. C … 2. C# Tutorials. C++ Tutorials C++11 Tutorials C++ Programs. 1. Parsing C++ is a nightmare. C Tutorials C Programs C Practice Tests New . For example, we can pass an integer value. C++ program is a system programming language , It has a large community , It has a relatively clear and mature standard , C++ language is based on the C language and it was developed in early 1980’s by Bjarne Stroustrup at AT&T Bell Laboratories C++ language program is the collection of commands which tell the computer to do something , The collection of commands is usually called C++ … It doesn’t contain run-time checking. Created originally in the 1970s, C programming language is one of the many programming languages that exist today, but what makes it unique is that it is a high level, general purpose language that is incredibly useful for developing firmware and portable applications, and useful when searching for … C is easier to use for making more complex programs. 5. There is no strict type checking. Broadly speaking you can categorize disadvantages into either design flaws or relative trade-offs. We can pass an integer value for the floating data type. In the previous section, compiling the code was mentioned as a "pro."