The university itself is the only member of the Russell Group of research-led universities in the UK to be located in Wales and is a popular choice among international students. Students who attend Russell Group universities have a range of courses to choose from, including medical, business, social sciences, and the humanities. Russell Group Universities: A powerhouse of knowledge List, rankings, eligibility, entry requirements Every year, 160,000 students from the UK and 90,000 students overseas, including 60,000 from outside the EU, join 300,000 students who are already enrolled in the Russell universities. King’s College London (KCL) The University Alliance is a group of professional and technical universities who focus more on vocational education and experience for students. The Russell Group represents 24 leading UK universities which are committed to maintaining the very best research, an outstanding teaching and learning experience and unrivalled links with business and the public sector. Does the concept of "G5 universities" matter to the British? The group is headquartered in London and was established in 1994 to represent its members' interests, principally to government and parliament.It was incorporated in 2007. The least white Russell Group university was Queen Mary University of London with less than half of its students being white at 41.95 per cent. Access to a Russell group university You can see where these universities rank in the most recent league tables too. Here is a list of all our universities Russell group Universities with campuses in London What Russel group universities in London do English language and creative writing? The Russell Group of Universities is a group of 24 universities that focus on research and includes some of the most prestigious universities in the UK. The six original red brick universities are also part of the Russell Group, which bear a strong reputation when it comes to pioneering research. The Russell Group is a self-selected association of twenty-four public research universities in the United Kingdom. The Russell Group is a collection of 24 leading UK universities. Five Universities in London with January Intake Queen Mary, University of London. It's entirely based on the research outputs and investments of those universities, and has no … The Russell Group is a research consortium - it's irrelevant for undergrads. Queen Mary, situated in east London, is a prestigious UK university and a member of the Russell Group. Should there be a Brussle Group? Click on one of them above to … They aim to set a high standard of teaching and research, and it’s true that many of the universities take research very seriously indeed. The Russell Group (and what was the 1994 Group) lead the league tables in terms of almost every traditional subject (Classics, Maths, English etc) and tend to ask for the highest entry requirements. In the 2014 Research Excellence Framework, the Russell Group produced 68% of the UK’s ‘world leading’ research.So where did the name come from? One of the Russell Group’s main objectives is to match students with the university best suited to their specific aptitude and to create an environment where students thrive. Worst and Best Russell Group?