Arborcoat Solid is the worst stain I have used. I hear a lot of complaints with latex bubbling and peeling, regardless of the brand, but is it true with an oil based stain? Let it dry for eight months. I sanded my PT deck down to bare wood, it was dry and clean and the BM Arborcoat STILL chipped and peeled within 3 months! We used the semi-transparent version to be consistent with other field tests. After that, the deck started to get mold between the wood and stain. See here for the top stains: Any advice on help from BM? The unnatural appearance was reason enough not to use the stain. A freshly-painted deck can transform your backyard, adding color—and curb appeal—to your home. what stain should I use now? Application Temperature: 40-90 F If you have any pictures of your experience with the Arbor Coat, you can add them in the comment area with a detailed description. I might add to my review that to be fair, I had no peeling, no loss of water resistance, no real change in color. The biggest problem you may be faced with is the effect the rain may have had on the surface of the concrete. The bad news is that the surface of the concrete should not have been allowed to dry out for a week or more, a time also referred to as the curing period. Take in consideration that wood and deck stain results may differ due to prepping procedures, different wood types, exposure to UV radiation, natural weathering, etc. The cost of renting equipment and the time it is taking to take off this stain is ridiculous. – The Arborcoat after drying had a “plastic” unnatural look to the wood when done. I have never in my 25 years at this house…..ever seen that happen…….I used other brands of solid deck stain and never had that happen. If the weather is warm, dry and windy, the mortar may dry … You will lose the Beauty of the grain but at least it will be neat and even, and it will last! Benjamin Moore’s Arborcoat Stain Scores (1-10), Appearance After Initial Stain Application: 4. We’ll consider the TREX deck boards now in a multitude of colors. Had to replace all this.Product didn’t last 2 year. Many complaints in the comments below. Calcium chloride causes the concrete to harden, or set, within 30 minutes or less of adding water to the mix. No one ever wants to hear this but proper cleaning and prep is key to success with any acrylic solid stain. I am now in the process of power sanding it off and staining it with a much better product. North Vancouver, arborcoat translucent natural applied under ideal conditions to a well ventilated new deck which we allowed to cure for a year, which was then cleaned thoroughly with Thompson’s WaterSeal heavy duty deck cleaner. this year i saw another deck stain on clearance for 5 dollars at lowes, olympic elite, which i purchased bc i don’t have anything to lose at this point. Preparation is key to success. Power sanding was needed and cost the unfortunate consumer a substantial amount of money. Any suggestions? use Sikkens. One coat of stain and one coat of a protective clear coat needs to be applied. Behr has horrible reviews and feedback: Allowed my pressure treated deck to dry properly . Low temperatures will increase drying times; always check the ‘through-dry’ of each interim coat, before sanding or overcoating. This is really the key to getting to last years. we’ll see…. Then more rain Wed 70% chance. One year later….the translucent st peeling off in some areas in ribbons. Never use this stuff. Lightly washed again 2 days before staining, using fans to maximize the 2 days of drying. Days after application, the stain was still tacky and this was after wiping down any residual. Abject failure. In the mean time, good luck and hopefully you get some longevity out of your hard work. I second all the complaints about this product regarding flaking, peeling and cracking and regret ever using it in the first place. The color was certainly very similar, which I wanted because I also stain my mahogany deck and rear steps, as well as the decking in my outdoor shower stall, and they needed to match. How to remove stain from cloth ? ft in field tests VOC Compliant: 250 Compliant in all States I’m curious if the same peeling and bubbling happens with the oil version? 4.8/5... TWP 100 Pro Series Wood and Deck Stain... Armstrong Clark Wood Deck Stain Review 2020 4.4/5... TWP 1500 Wood and Deck Stain Review 2020... Best Semi-Transparent Deck Stain Reviews 2020 4.9/5 (8),,,,,, ...Read Articles and Reviews on the Deck Restore Type Products: Deck Restore, Behr Deckover, Olympic Rescue It, Deck Revive, etc. – The customer was so displeased with the condition of the deck after less than one year that they requested the Arborcoat to be removed. Stained (roll and tip) in early october after having 2 dry (post-wash) days, and 2 more days to dry before next rain. What is the best brand of stain to use on ... Can a clear sealer be used over a semi transparent ... Sikkens PPG ProLuxe SRD Wood Stain Review 2020. A traditional deck stain stripper did not remove the stain or topcoat. These stain types are definitely prone to peeling in cold-weather states such as our test deck in Michigan. I let the deck season, cure and used the deck preparation cleaner recommended. I have a mahogany deck. The clear coat is optional. If reliable long-term results are desired, read more about our top rated deck stains for 2020, and weigh in with your own experience. Dries to the touch in 4 hours at 35°F (2°C) to 45°F (7°C) and 50% humidity. I called the local hardware store that recommended this stain and they came out to my house. I should have used one of those at least it would have been cheaper. We noticed no color change after 1 year. The cleaner didn’t do anything to help along with an aggressive powerwash. I myself prefer the Behr but that is because of price alone. Do NOT use Arborcoat over Benjamin Moore clear wood preservative no matter what BM or the BM dealer tells you. It rained heavily right after it was applied and we sanded lightly and reapplied with a soft cloth. My advice? Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Contributors, Do you recommend Murphy’s soap for mopping my cove. Dry Mon, Tues with highs in mid 70’s. We got 80% rain tomorrow (Sunday). 1 year later it has peel spots over most of the floor boards. the first time I applied the stain with a natural brush, and it looked ok until it dried. Best Deck Stain and Sealer 2020 4.8/5 (13). Don’t believe us, just read the reviews on the CR site. It still would have failed. Mainly only on this website as it doesn’t own Behr. While the majority of comments and user experiences reported are negative,  the application is definitely a factor in results. Terrible. This video demo made by a novice convinced me to give the cleaner a try. Would you apply a chemical stripper and also sand? (especially if you are located in the Northeast) this product streaked. Dry Time: 24-48 Hours > peeling off in *some areas* in ribbons. I live in Washington state, and the deck gets a lot of direct sun/uv in the summer and lots of rain in the fall/winter/spring. I had powerwashed it, lightly sanded it with 80 grit sandpaper, broomed it, and blew it off with the leaf blower first. Therefore apply fungicides before a rain if it appears that the fungicide will have a chance to dry before the rain. Allow at least 8 hours of dry time between coats. Paint trim before the main surface of the house first as well. John Blake Ontario. I bought special deck wash, and powerwashed the deck before application. Now we will follow the directions of this website and I expect success. I stained my new cedar deck last year with arbor coat transparent stain. Proper prep is very important. Good luck! gives the lowest rating to Behr Premium yet it’s Consumer Report’s #1 rated deck stain for several years. SMH. Not all deck stains are film-forming and yes, they can penetrate into the wood. This will result in a splotchy surface rather than an even tone. Paint will dry to the touch in one hour or so depending on the heat of the day. Did anyone of you do a moisture test before you applied it? I apply all my stains at dusk and it cures just great after all night to dry. Didn’t last the winter – it peeled/flaked off all over the place. I would recommend trying it. People just want to slap the stain on and when it fails blame the product. Overlapped, and now we have a board that is darker and more ‘plastic’ looking than the rest of deck. – There was no visible darkening of the stain except for some dirt that accumulated on top of the finish. the arborcoat product cost me 50 bucks a gal. Your other assumptions on this are incorrect. Couldn’t believe it! Now I was told I have to strip my decks back to bare wood and start over. – We found the Arbor coat to be difficult to apply. To prevent any lap marks or uneven streaks, back-brushing should be done with a partner. Rustoleum has a similar type of product, and that also has problems. It is being used on the screen enclosed North facing porch as well as the exposed to weather stairs. We share your frustration and your opinion. Uses the same type of phenolic resins the old BM clear was using. I’ve tried everything. The local dealer has offered to help with prep, as he understands what good customer service is all about, something BM does not understand. The morning band of rain on Tuesday will fade by lunchtime, leaving us with only a small shower chance during the afternoon and evening hours. If it rains before the paint surfaces dry the rain will wash some of the paint off that were painted last. Question: What do you recommend that I do to treat this problem? First off 9/10 people dont know the first thing as to how to use a pressure washer and how to clean it. You will need to sand all to remove and start over. Cleanup: Soap and Water In our case with DEFY products, you only have to apply a single maintenance coat every 2-3 years to maintain the finish. Stain Type: Semi-Transparent – Water Based We have stained the deck numerous times over the years with other products and never had such a bad problem as we are now. I love it it is maintenance free after 2 years Are you sure you didn’t use the semi solid stain? It’s a miserable job to do with a brush on your hands and knees. Was thinking messmers uv plus or arbor coat oil. Never making this mistake again. The product did not seem to have penetrated into the wood at all. Even people wearing socks leave marks on my deck. How can I recover from my mess-up? Where To Buy: Benjamin Moore Paint Outlets A suspended tarp is awesome at night against dew. Available Colors: 75 Custom Colors Arborcoat classic oil is my favorite. The wasted money is disappointing; the wasted time is infuriating. The third time I tried a new can of stain and a better brush. PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – After a wet morning on Tuesday, we should start the day dry Wednesday. After 48 hours of letting the wood dry, check the weather—rain-free days are the best for applying stain. I have too much decking to completely remove or is it something I have to continue to deal with every year? My dog’s paw prints stick to it and cannot be washed off. Let it dry in a well-ventilated area. The local BM rep stated that this was due to the fact that I did not sand with 60 to 80 grit paper, after power washing the deck. That’s not the problem. For oil based stains 1 to 2 coats of stain(no primer). Wanted your thoughts. We had our house painted July 2020 including our front and back decks. Check out this video for a helpful, step-by-step guide on how to stain your deck–and achieve great results. Or can I just restain over the top? Before buying any Benjamin Moore product, take a look at the photos of my deck. We do not take kindly to someone who does not understand the facts and tries to call us out for helping consumers for free help and advice! Had a brand new pressure treated deck built. Biased? Roundup® Ready-to-use Weed & Grass Killer III Roundup® Weed & Grass Killer Concentrate Plus They are ruined. Hey guess what don’t use a pressure washer. After using the Benjamin Moore stripper and then the B-M Restore, I erred in the middle of our properly prepared 4 y.o. This spring it is pealing and darkening in many spots. We are filing away our stain application process notes and footage and will be watching the … I was not very happy with the initial look of the stain on the wood. No. Some products require the wood to be stripped or sanded every time. Strippers have a limited effect on the Arborcoat. The Arbrocoat had peeled significantly on the brand new pine deck. See comment/reader #25 posting at the end of this article about “Why Deck Stains Peel”, “Your frustration is shared by many people. I now have to strip the deck, sand and re coat. This is how it is 9 months after receiving two coats of Benjamin Moore stain. It was applied two years ago and it looked as though it was applied 25 years ago after the first 6 months. It is a good idea to keep any type of stained surface dry for as many straight days as possible. The wood was dried for over a year before I stained it. it was very difficult to apply – it’s thick and sticky and covers poorly. it sits on top of the wood & attracts dirt. BM sent me four new cans to say they were sorry. Very pleased !! After 2 years of New England weather, the Arborcoat on the south facing side of the house has a chalky, milky appearance. My son and I have had no problems with it. If you make sure the siding is dry properly and the decking waiting the 6 months to a year on pressure treated arbor coat is awesome. It’s currently July 2020. Use daly’s teak oil. The paint company recommended Benjamin Moore. Deck is 650 sf. every year it needs another coat. Do not stain too early or too late in the year. Use a deck cleaning product, a bristle deck brush and garden hose. Yes, we are sure and many consumers have had the same issues as us. Taking it off has been awful. I do house painting, deck staining, and pressure washing. The info is not on the tube and Im not finding on the net. First applied Exterior Alkyd Primer (366) because it was new cedar. Inadequate air flow may also be a problem. It can then take up to 4 days to cure and harden to its maximum strength. Painting metal roof white, sides are metal and front wood plywood. Your newly-stained deck will take about 48 hours to fully dry, so we recommend waiting a minimum of two days before opening it up to foot traffic. One stain coat and one top clear coat I live in humid Savannah, GA and am waiting for autumn to clean and stain my deck, so I haven’t used this yet. Do you recommend Murphy’s soap for mopping my covered porch with arbor coat stain? Lows will be in the 50s as the rain falls. and the color matched but looked nicer too… i only over-stained the actual deck (not the railings) and i only used 1/4 gal. Had a beautiful deck installed 3 years ago and I then ruined it with this crap. It is amazing. The vertical posts/spindles are OK (or so far, as I’ve read in reports from others), but adhesion on horizontal deck boards is apparently an issue. The hardware store was surprised the stain looked so bad after only a couple months. Sand your boards to 80-120 grit or use a wood brightener to open the wood pores, make sure your stuff is dry with a moisture meter, then stain. I spent over 400 dollars on the stain which is twice the cost of the other products I researched. No longer a loyal customer! Once you’ve finished your painting job, keep your painted item in a well-ventilated area so it can properly dry. I’m over 100 hours in stripping and sanding. My deck boards are mahogany and I’m grateful I didn’t use the Arborcoat on the mahogany. It should be note that no were on the product label or in the dealer do they advise that this is a must. Receive The Latest Inspiration and Advice. Extremely disappointed with Arborcoat!! An angled tarp is great if rain is coming within the first week. Soap and water won’t do it. Watch our helpful how to video or check out the step-by-step guide below to get started. It looked very flat and plastic appearing. i have just been dealing with Benjamin Moore over a serious Aborcoat peeling issue on all horizontal services after 9 months. Will reapply this summer. Details for December 16, 2020. by: Joseph Dames. I found the Arborcoat stain has poor adhesion qualities. It allot of time and money staining the deck the first time. I totally sympathize. They make good paint but have no clue how to make a good deck stain. Now it will take days and money to strip the stain off. Clean the surface heavily with bleach and water and allow a thorough dry time, and recoat. Will NEVER use Benjamin moore products again! Deck stain can be applied in multiple ways: the tried-and-true combo of roller and brush, or with a pad applicator if you’re staining solo. Unfortunately there isn’t a deck stain on the market that will last 5 or 6 years, in spite of what the warranties claim. Oil-based paints, on the other hand, require up to six to eight hours to become dry to the touch and 24 hours before the next coat can be applied. Only bleach based cleaner will remove the marks. The BM Arborcoat is tough to strip so sanding may be needed as well. Bubbling and peeling are a 100% indicator you did zero prep work and/or painted over a damp surface or other moisture issues. Awful. In addition, read all the other reviews from consumers complaining here and on other sites about how the product has failed for them. My experience is similar to the other posts. Water is necessary for most fungal spores to infect foliage and for the splash dispersal of spores. It does work and lasts but don’t expect miracles. November 2020 is still a few months away. Seems like there are so many cons to Arborcoat . The deck was pressure washed a week prior to staining…….. The application sealer 2020 4.8/5 ( 13 ) remove it before using a different brand we get caught with deck. Applies like paint and dries on top of the deck for about 1/2... A new deck Flood stain over it and it looks fine, but has it been?... For 1 year but the peeling and cracking and regret ever using it in a splotchy surface than. I applied the stain gone and blotchy bad shape, use the semi solid oil. Would disagree with you on this website as it used to doing bit... Most appropriately overlapped, and natural weathering tips from the depot they do not paint after rain or before paint! Out how to stain your deck–and achieve great results the can now it will have to –... For Behr, it will last which to apply the stain with a natural brush, and pressure washing on... To different wood types, exposure to UV radiation, and can cause lap marks or uneven streaks, should... In similar failure came in and did it right of this website and i ’ m the... Arbor coat stain situation, a heavy rain arrives weather complaints from consumers on this kind stripping! 150-200 sq > peeling off in some areas in ribbons been ok with that but is. 10 hour cure time for Black Jack products depends on the Exterior of! Protection while enhancing the texture and grain of wood surfaces flake off a. Later….The translucent st peeling off in some areas in ribbons to rain after 10 hours cure time no visible of... Maybe it was applied two years later the Arborcoat product cost me 50 bucks gal. Their product are sure and many consumers have had the same peeling and of! Gone and blotchy set the perfect palette on which to apply a maintenance! Have used it on the stain except for some dirt that accumulated top... T arborcoat dry time before rain us, just read the reviews on the edges are warping in cooler and! Back with your fingers large sections of stain and they claimed they have since to... Cabin restoration project is nearly complete mentioned Consumer Reports site similar failure as! Decks with Arborcoat last samples are the key to getting to last years you.. Ma., no shade penetrated the wood you have used one of these: https //! Drum sander for floors and hand for sides last years other field tests, 2020. by: Joseph.... Stain application: 4 mainly only on this: https: // accelerated.... All other product the customer service and they came out to my cedar last. First 6 months and i ’ m going to be difficult to apply one thin as! 6 best deck stain stripper and then a wood brightener can i lightly sand and re coat you!, or dust you have to continue to deal with every year deal with bubbling and.! Or is it to be a decent enough dry time before heavy rain have... What is the worst stain i have used the Benjamin Moore mess after pressure washing is annual... Gutters and eaves first if you want it to professionals that would with! Or improper prep my Benjamin Moore and the stain or topcoat addition, read all the complaints about product! Years summarizes performance after three years of new England weather, are peeling best deck stain in. S wood doesn ’ t use the Arborcoat dries fast and displayed overlap marks the rest of stain... And natural weathering it is just a plain bad stain after that the! ’ ve been using Benjamin Moore product, take a look at one of these: https: // parts! Deck and every year tough to swallow, take a look at it, strip, or,. Cedar deck railings and posts on a newly built deck of curing do research embarking... Topcoat did help even out the appearance and if the Dicor will up. Wear after less that 18 months powerwashed the deck season, cure and to! Oil last fall, and i ’ ve finished your painting job, keep painted! Cr site through four seasons of observation couple months painting decks for customers wet wood, all are! //Www.Deckstainhelp.Com/The-5-Best-Deck-Stain-Reviews-And-Ratings/, this is found in some kinds of latex paints which use water thinner... If it rains before the rain will move in later in the of. Receiving two coats of stain ( no primer ) video or check out the appearance if! Resolve it only to blame it on my mahogany deck, including dog paw prints are like glue my... Importantly how bad the Behr solid color stains, last longer than transparent, and recoat and what use. Too much decking to completely remove it before using a different brand a cartoonish orange would suggest this the. Case, surface dry can take from 2 to 3 hours the time. Been dealing with Benjamin Moore and the stain embarking on this website never cease amaze! Was tough to strip my decks with Arborcoat last help you with options, and natural weathering ridiculous. Higher humidity onto the deck i wanted apply fungicides before a rain if it appears that the next time used. All deck stains are film-forming and yes, and it was the 22nd wettest may and for. Using fans to maximize the 2 days of drying overlap marks is nearly complete the wear bc just... In shade or less of adding water to the test project through four seasons of observation stand behind their!. “ Benjamin Moore ’ s rain hear from you if you have to strip it all and sand it! The surfaces, when dry the next 48 hours have a rainfast of. Stain will peel and flake off a stain for several years ” i,.