Worldwide Preferred Rate Hotel Program
This excellent program saves our clients an average of 30 to 50% on all their hotel rates. With thousands of negotiated rates, you can benefit from prearranged savings on a broad range of accommodations, from budget to ultra luxury.

Hotel accommodations for traveling employees are one of the largest travel expenses for corporations today. With our association with TravelSavers, this expense item becomes controllable and can cut costs up to 50%. We currently have over 100 major hotel chains offering us easy access to over 6500 hotels worldwide.

This program also gives you the extra amenities such as upgrade based on availability, wheel chair accessible rooms, free breakfasts, airport pickup, business center privileges, health clubs and late check outs. As well, it offers a block space program, which provides you with access to rooms that may already be sold out.

Travel Club
The TravelSavers Club is a leisure travel club offering guaranteed travel discount coupons and value added perks. The club services also include, free travel insurance, discounted 24-hour roadside assistance and is exclusive to TravelSavers agencies.

In most cases, the first time you use one of the coupon offers or book hotel accommodations, your annual cost of $24.99CAD is fully recovered.

Car Rental Discounts
To ensure you receive the best available rates on car rentals, we have arrangements with some of the largest car rental companies in the world. Most of the agencies we deal with are airport pickup sites, which minimize the time it takes for your travelers to get on the road.

To further alleviate the need for waiting in line to pick up your car, we take the time to arrange all the rapid check-in programs available through certain car vendors. We provide an upgrade service on most car rentals, based on availability.

Wholesale/Retail Advantage
Through a close association with our sister company, Lifestyle Condominium Vacations Limited, we have the ability to provide you with special travel arrangements not normally available to today's corporate traveler.

As an example, our contracted rates with a major air carrier to the United States makes planning easier as we don't face typical restrictions. Minimum stay can be as short as only 2 days, you are not required to stay a Saturday night and minimal advanced booking is required. These features together reduce your overall travel cost. For example, return fare to Newark for the corporate traveler can be as low a $345.00 CAD return.

As well as reduced airfares with minimal restrictions, we offer you executive class accommodations in the most requested leisure travel destinations. We have many executive houses and condominiums in Florida, Barbados, Arizona and Myrtle Beach all at greatly reduced prices.

Want expertise in specialty travel services? We arrange corporate golf vacations, ski trips, sporting event tickets, theater tickets to almost any location you may consider.

Travel Management Reporting
Absolute Travel is on the leading edge of travel expense reporting. We use a sophisticated management report software package that provides a wide range of management information data. Some of the reports may assist you to:

  • Control expenses before they occur
  • Identify cost saving opportunities by tracking travel or supplier buying patterns
  • Group your expense by traveler, department, city, category, location etc.

Our monthly reports reflect actual expenditures and savings as compared to an established baseline reference. The following are the two most popular:

Monthly Financial Overall Travel Summary
Summary and breakdown of all monthly activities including, total economy fare, airfare paid, amount saved and total monthly air expenditure.

Cost Savings Report

Our travel consultants keep up to date profiles for all travelers allowing us to make travel arrangements more quickly and easily. It also ensures that the documentation for travel is properly prepared and that statistical data is passed on to the data management computer systems.